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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 2010's total Lunar Eclipse

As it would so happen, I moved out of the US just before the total eclipse of 2010. Amidst the clouds and current snowy/icy weather in England I was not expecting to be able to see anything, especially coupled with the fact that here in England totality would begin just before the moon set and the sun rose for the day - what timing!

It turns out I lucked out bright and early on the morning of the 21st as it was unusually clear in the sky, albeit incredibly cold. I was able to see the eclipse start and went out every 10 minutes or so until totality. Just as dawn brightened the sky I was able to watch the moon completely disappear into the shadow of the Earth. Unlike my counterparts in the States who would get to see a lovely red color to the moon during this, I literally just got to watch the moon disappear - it was pretty neat.

My telescope and tripods are all currently packed away as we still havent moved into our new place, so I just shot a few handheld images throughout. No fantastic shots, but at least I was able to document the first total lunar eclipse to fall on winter solstice in more than 400 years!

Click here to view my Eclipse sequence larger

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Monitor Calibration

Monitor Calibration
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