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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Annie's Astro Actions have a new home!

I finally have our proper website up and running (although there are a few pages that are still being populated). Annie's Astro Actions will now be sold from there and my blog will go back to more blog-like content related to astronomy and scope modifications. I will still have an order place on the right, but no more descriptions etc, I will just have a link to the new site.

The new location of Annie's Astro Actions is: http://www.eprisephoto.com/astro-actions

Enterprise Photography and Astronomy is our new site (located at http://www.eprisephoto.com) and has not only the actions, but other photography for sale. Feel free to browse around and send us any comments you have!

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Monitor Calibration

Monitor Calibration
The grayscale above presents 24 shades of gray from pure white to solid black. If you cannot see all 24, your monitor needs calibration to view the astrophotos correctly: I recommend the site linked in the image