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Monday, March 15, 2010

Every day in every way ....

I'm getting better and better .... at least in my own humble opinion. The new Atik 314L+ camera I am using now to image greatly helped, then add in my new wedge and that has helped bumped up my imaging possibilities another level. I have also been tweaking my Actions to get some better results (and also confirming the usefulness of many of them) in processing in a shorter amount of time spent by me behind the computer processing. I still have minor tweaking with my polar alignment and at some point I hope to get a working autoguider both to increase exposure time but I am pleased with the improvement I have had in a short time. Last night I imaged M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy late into the morning as weather forecasts for the next week are not favorable to imaging.

I am still learning the advantages/disadvantages of "binning", so for last night's M51 I just left the bin at 1x1 ... the data for the image is:

Camera: Atik 314L+
Scope: Orion EON80ED piggybacked on Celestron CPC800

Astronomik LRGB filters: 84:30:39:30
180 sec subexposures

Acquired in Artemis Capture, Stacked in Nebulosity, Processed in Photoshop CS2 with "Annie's Astro Actions"


  1. With the guide scope in the CPC 800 and the wedge, what are you using for counterweights? I still have a heck of a time getting mine balanced.

  2. Sorry it took me a week to get back to you. For counterweights I have a Starizona counterweight set. I currently have one of their 2.5 lb weights as well as three gym 2.5 lb weights. . . There is a photo of it if you go to my photo site (http://www.eprisephoto.com) and then Astrophotos then equipment.


Monitor Calibration

Monitor Calibration
The grayscale above presents 24 shades of gray from pure white to solid black. If you cannot see all 24, your monitor needs calibration to view the astrophotos correctly: I recommend the site linked in the image