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Monday, March 1, 2010

More polar alignment fun

Spent another night working on my polar alignment - its getting better. Finally was able to get an unguided 85sec image (keep in mind I did short sets of only 30min per channel as I was just testing my alignment) of M51 "Whirlpool Galaxy".

I still have a little polar alignment work and the next clear night I am going to give drift alignment a try, and then add in autoguiding which I tested the other day and looks like it will work well.

I am definitely looking forward to the future of my astroimaging now that I have a wedge for polar alignment and an autoguider .... until then - here is my first polar alignment image:

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Monitor Calibration

Monitor Calibration
The grayscale above presents 24 shades of gray from pure white to solid black. If you cannot see all 24, your monitor needs calibration to view the astrophotos correctly: I recommend the site linked in the image